IULH Championship Show 24th June 2023 – Kristiansand, Norway

At the Annual Delegates Meeting in Leonberg this year it was decided that the Norwegian Leonberger Club will organize the IULH Championship Show 2023.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to capture the weekend of June 24-25, 2023, for the IULH Championship on the 24th and a Leonberger Specialty Show on the 25th. The shows will be held in Kristiansand, close to the terminal for ferries from Denmark and Holland

At the IULH show, in addition to the IULH Championship titles, the German CAC’s (Club) will be  awarded in youth class, veteran class, open class, intermediate class and champion class. the Norwegian CAC will be awarded in all adult classes. At the specialty show, the Norwegian CAC will also be awarded.

In Norway, foreign dogs, who have already a Champion title, need only 1 CAC to get Norwegian Championship.

In order to provide more information and news about the show, how to travel, where to book apartments or camping places/cabins and how to register, we have created a dedicated website.
We would appreciate it if you would place the attached  banner and a link to the site on your club’s web site.
The website is in English and German, Norwegian will added soon.
Link https://leonberger-championship.com